Chaffee County Running Club

Colorado snowshoe race20th Annual - Turquoise Lake 20 milwe Snowshoe Run

Saturday, January 3, 2009 - 10am Start

Leadville, Colorado

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An ultra-marathon consisting of a big loop on, above, and around Turquoise Lake. Over 2700' of climbing with a high point of 11,370'. The trails are usually semi-packed, and the views are great. This event is not for the meek or inexperienced. It can be one of the most difficult winter events known.

Required gear: You must start with at least 20 oz. of fluid, 200 cal. of food & use 8”x25” or larger snowshoes.

colorado snowsheing race7 hour time limit.

No Dogs Please.

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RACE START/FINISH:At Sugar Loafin' Campground, located 3 1/2 miles west of downtown Leadville on paved/plowed County Rd. #4. Go west (downhill) from the downtown stoplight at 6 th St. & Hwy. 24 . Turn right at the 'T' intersection.

A warning: I-70 ski traffic can be terrible race morning, with delays probable. Leave very early or consider staying in Leadville the night before, or choose another route.

AID: Water, food, shelter, warmth, restrooms, changing areas, at the start/finish. Possibly 1 to 3 fluid stops in the race. We strive to have aid but do not count on it! Plan on knowing your ability, being winter-wise, and carrying extra food, water and clothing.

COME PREPARED for bad weather, so you can enjoy every condition better than the worst. Bring warm, dry clothes to change into after the race to enjoy the awards and camaraderie.

turquise lake snowshoe racePERMITS: Event held in the San Isabel National Forest under special use permit from the Forest Service,

USDA SNOWSHOES: 8"by 25"minimum size. (measure your pair!) Call Bill's SportShop (719) 486-0739 to reserve a pair to rent.

AWARDS AND DIVISIONS: We will award prizes in each race, to top men/women and some age groups, depending on entries. There will be a raffle for prizes from our sponsors.

(719) 539-4112

REGISTRATION AND FEES: You can enter in advance by mailing us the completed form and either $10 or a commitment to bring a good substantial food dish for the post race feed. Entries must be postmarked by Dec 28 for $10 entry. The food dish should be healthy and prepared. Things like Twinkies, Kool-Aid or six packs are not acceptable. You should prepare the food! Please come if you commit to bring food: we will count on it!

Late registration within the 7 days prior to the event will cost $15 for the 20 mile (20 miler is $20 race day). You can not bring food race day instead of a fee: you must register and commit to this option in advance! Race day registration may be limited, so phone/email ahead to check in the days prior to the event.