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Ongoing Group Runs

Sundays at 8:00 am at the F Street Bridge in Salida.

These runs are free and open to all. Paces and distances will be decided by those who show up each week. The group runs are designed primarily to offer runners an opportunity to run with other people.

Tuesdays - Just after noon (12:05 - 12:10ish)

Meet at the Sackett Ave/bike path intersection (in front of the SteamPlant) for an easy paced, 3 mile, no drop, road run.

Salida High School Track

The new Salida High School track facility now has public access every day of the year from 6 am to 8 pm.

There is a locking turnstile on the west side of the track near the school that allows entry and public use, unless the facility is being used by school classes, sports or is rented out or conditions are unsafe,
Check it out! Read more about using the Salida High School Track

Lifetime CCRC Memberships!

Guess what?! The CCRC is now offering lifetime memberships (for individuals OR families) for only $100! We know, people are busy, can't always remember if they've renewed their membership, forget to mail in their check, etc. Now, you can mail in one check and registration form, and be a member for life! And if you've already paid your dues this year, just subtract that amount from the $100, and you are all set for a lifetime. Our goal is to make CCRC membership easier for everyone. Registration forms can be found at our website.

Cost of annual membership is still $10 per person, or $15 per family. Benefits for all members include weekly group runs, special longer or destination runs, discounts on certain local races, club newsletter, and involvement and input in your local running club, whose mission is to promote running for health, recreation, and competition, for runners of all ages and abilities.

Mission Statement: Chaffee County Running Club, promotes running for health, recreation and competition, for runners of all ages and abilities.

Chaffee County Running Club June News

CCRC 4th of July Plan

The CCRC has TWO runs planned for the 4th of July weekend!

On Saturday morning, July 2, we will meet at a time TBD for a longish run in the morning (also TBD). Stay tuned for details!

Then on Monday, July 4th, the plan is to compete/participate in the Independence Day Freedom 5K. This race has become a very popular event for both locals and visitors. Kick off the 4th celebration with a fun 5k race that starts and finishes in downtown Buena Vista at 8:30 am. Stick around for awards and raffle drawing at 9:30 am and the amazing parade that seems to grow larger every year, at 10:00 am. Registration and 5k start are located at BV's new running store, Oxygen Hog, 113 N Railroad, Buena Vista CO 81211.

For folks in Salida, also stay tuned for details regarding car pooling to the race.

The website link is: and you can click on the registration link there or go directly to the registration site at:

Additionally, as a bonus to all Chaffee County Running Club members, you may enter the discount code: CCRC5OFF to receive $5.00 off of the registration fee.

Sunday morning run time change

The CCRC Sunday morning run, which meets at the F Street Bridge in Salida will begin at 8 a.m. starting Sunday June 26.

The run begins an hour earlier during the summer to enjoy cooler temperatures.

CCRC members have been continuously meeting for this informal run for over 14 years. That's over 700 runs.

Summary of State Track

Twenty-five Salida and eight Buena Vista high school athletes traveled to the Colorado State Track and Field Championships May 19-21. All showed up well in the field and though not all the athletes appeared in the newspapers, all competed with heart and deserve recognition for qualifying for and competing at state. SHS podiums included: Sydney Fesenmeyer, Cecelia Kastner, Gallian Roberts, Taylor Stack, Girls 4x400 and 4x800, Sprint Medley Relay and boys 4x400. BVHS podiums: Whitney White, Sallie Tucker, Sprint Medley Relay and Jon Fox (TJ).

Other great performances included Seth Minor and Bari Beasley in the 3200 race against a very competitive 3A field, Evan Coit in the 300H and Ainsley Bright in the shot put. BV also brought Sydney Storms for the HJ . There were more performances, but this gives a sense of the incredible work done by these athletes and their coaches.

Not a bad showing for our small Chaffee County, considering the competition we are up against...private, well funded schools from urban centers that have a larger pool from which to draw. Way to go Chaffee County!

Summer Running Advice

Now that winter seems to have made it's exit, it's time to change gears for running in the summer conditions.

Hydrate: Running dehydrated is not only uncomfortable, but it's dangerous. Hydrate before you run, sip during your run and replenish after. Watch for the signs of dehydration which include muscle cramping, nausea, lightheadedness and heart palpitations.

Nutrition: For runs that take and hour our less, it is not necessary to bring extra nutrition, but on long runs, especially in the heat, it may be important to bring along a food source. This could be liquid nutrition/performance drinks, a bag of small snacks to graze on, or any variety of products out there.

Layer system: Temperature changes can be extreme in the mountains in the summer. You may end up with extra layers at the start of an early run, only to find yourself peeling them off as your internal temperature rises. Bring along a small pack for your longer runs for the option of carrying your layers with you.

Sun protection: In higher elevations, the sun is more intense. It is advised to bring a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen to prevent extra exposure to those UV rays.

Aclimatize: Just as you would for winter running, it is helpful to inoculate yourself to the increased temperatures of summer running. Ramp up your runs appropriately.

Bring a Buddy: Safety is always advised, particularly if you are off-roading it.

Cell Phones: 911 works on a cell phone, even if you are out of range of reception. Be safe and bring your phone in case of an emergency.

Have a plan and stick to it! Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back.

CCRC Running Retreat

CCRC has reserved a US Forest Service cabin for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, Oct 7-9, for a Club member running retreat.

This is a semi-rustic 2 room cabin with bed space for 9, a fridge, stove, heater and lights. There is adequate additional floor, tent and other parking/sleeping space at the cabin.

The Cabin is located near Bonanza, CO ~38 miles from Salida just off a county road.

There are numerous trails, dirt roads, and runs to do from the cabin.

We hope CCRC members can plan on attending all or part of this free gathering to enjoy good runs, good friends and good food.

Look for more details on this fun event later in the summer.

Upcoming Chaffee and Lake County Races

June 4 - (Leadville) Turquoise Lake Half Marathon

June 5 - (Leadville) Fish Hatchery 5km

June 16 - (Salida) FIBArk Tenderfoot Hill Climb

June 18 - (Salida) FIBArk 5K and 10K Road Races

June 19 - (Salida) FIBArk 10K Trail Run

Note: Kristy could use a few more volunteers for these events! If interested, please email

June 27 - (Salida) Community Track Meet (also 7/18)

New Board Members for CCRC

The CCRC recently welcomed two new board members. Brandi Tauer and Liz Weiss are both enthusiastic runners in the community, and we are very excited to have them be pat of the board!

CCRC Board of Directors Meeting

All CCRC members are invited to attend the CCRC Board of Directors Meeting on Sunday, February 7 at 2pm at the home of CCRC Board President Kristy Falcon, 1305 F Street in Salida.

If you have anything you would like to discuss, please email us in advance so we can place it on the agenda.

Special BV Sunday Morning Run

On Sunday, February 21 the regular CCRC Sunday Morning Run Group will travel to Buena Vista to meet up with the Colorado Mountain College Leadville trail running club.

We will meet in Buena Vista at the Whipple Trail Bridge/east end of Main St. at 9 a.m.

For those coming from Salida, we will meet at Marvin Park/baseball fields on Hwy 291 at 8:30 a.m. to carpool up.

Time to Renew your Membership!

As always, we encourage any and all runners in the community to become a member of the CCRC. This can be done through the mail or on-line. Registration forms can be found at our website.

Please renew your CCRC membership for 2016 if you have not already done so. For anyone who paid for their membership at the Two Turkey Relay or later in 2015, those dues are good for 2016.

This will be the last newsletter you receive if you do not pay dues for 2016.
Cost of membership is only $10 per person, or $15 per family. Thank you for your support of our efforts to promote running for health, recreation, and competition, for runners of all ages and abilities.

Club Newsletter

The club puts out a newsletter every month and we're always looking for things to add to it. If you have any running news, want to organize a group run, or have pictures or quotes you'd like to contribute, send them to

Salida Mountain Trails

Check out the Salida Mountain Trails blog for more information about volunteering for trailwork, new trails and happenings!

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