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Turret fun run2016 A Run Through Time

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Ongoing Group Runs

Sundays at 9:00 am at the F Street Bridge in Salida.

These runs are free and open to all. Paces and distances will be decided by those who show up each week. The group runs are designed primarily to offer runners an opportunity to run with other people.

Tuesdays - Just after noon (12:05 - 12:10ish)

Meet at the Sackett Ave/bike path intersection (in front of the SteamPlant) for an easy paced, 3 mile, no drop, road run.

Salida High School Track

The new Salida High School track facility now has public access every day of the year from 6 am to 8 pm.

There is a locking turnstile on the west side of the track near the school that allows entry and public use, unless the facility is being used by school classes, sports or is rented out or conditions are unsafe,
Check it out! Read more about using the Salida High School Track

Mission Statement: Chaffee County Running Club, promotes running for health, recreation and competition, for runners of all ages and abilities.

Chaffee County Running Club April News

11th Annual Run Through Time

Thank you to Jon and Rickie for another successful year with the RTT, and to all of the volunteers who helped make this race happen.

Congratulations to all runners, including many CCRC members.

The above photos are of CCRC members during the half marathon, including Liz Weiss, smiling with a half mile to go; 13 year old Bean Minor descending the Uncle Nazty Trail; and long time member Victor Selenow bringing it home.

All photos taken by Tom Sobal.

2016 Run Through Time results.

A collection of photos from the 2016 Run Through Time

Five Tips for Trail Running in CO in the Spring

1. Ramp Up Slowly: If you have not been running much through the winter it is a good idea to ramp up your mileage slowly. Doing too much too fast increases your risk of injury. Pay attention to your body and listen to the cues.

2. Check Your Shoes: Make sure your shoes are not too worn out. Replace them, if needed, to improve your chance of successful and enjoyable running without risk of injury. Also, if you are on the trails, make sure your shoes have good traction to accommodate rocks, mud, and slippery and uneven surfaces.

3. Set A Goal: Maybe this is a personal goal of mileage, trying out a new trail, joining a running group, getting your dog out more or signing up for an upcoming race. Goals keep us accountable and can help us get back into the habit of regular running.

4. Be Prepared for Weather: Springtime weather in Colorado, particularly the higher altitude and mountainous areas, can be very unpredictable. Make sure you are prepared with layers, hats and gloves in the event that bone-chilling wind or other weather picks up while you are out. Also, have fluids and snacks available at your trailhead or in a pocket or pack with you while running.

5. Trips and Falls: It's not surprising that trail running increases your risk of tripping and falling. Watch your footing carefully and understand that your pace will be slower on a trail than on a road, particularly when you are going down hill. In the early spring, weather erosion and decreased trail use renders the trails more technical. If you do go down, do your best to roll with it and relax rather than trying to breach the fall. More practice makes your skill better.

Unpredictable weather - pic was taken April 17, 2015!

It's Outdoor Track and Field Season!

Salida High School Track and Field has started the season with a bang and now has two meets under their belts. Eleven members of the team traveled to the Banana Belt Classic in Pueblo on March 12. Salida athletes managed 2 event titles (Phoebe Powell in the 3200m run and Gallian Roberts in the Long Jump, which was also a course record) and many placings in the top 10. Up next was the Center Invitational on March 18. The team swept the meet titles for both the girls and the boys with excellent performances by all the track and field athletes. (Notable performances were titles in the boys 1600, girls 3200, girls 800, boys and girls 4x800, girls 4x400 and the boys Long Jump). Many other Salida athletes finished in the top 5 in their events. Great job Salida High School Tracksters! Looking forward to more as the season progresses.


This is my dog Boone.

Many of you know him from the runs we have been on together. He was a regular on our Wednesday evening and Sunday morning runs. I remember celebrating his birthday every year on our Wednesday night runs and having a little party for him afterwards. I also remember one time accidentally leaving him in the car at a trailhead and having to turn around and get the poor guy when Tom asked me where he was. He has been one of the best dogs I have ever had. He’s always been ready and eager to get out and have fun on the trails (or anywhere, for that matter). He’s been an inspiration of how to live your life to its fullest. He is kind and gentle and sensitive to everyone he meets. He’s never been violent, even when attacked by another dog. If I could only live my life as he does.

Unfortunately, Boone is getting old and experiencing its effect. He’ll be thirteen in June. He’s been so incredibly healthy and athletic, I did not foresee this time to come so quickly. While he was most likely dealing with some issues for some time, Jan and I first noticed things a few months ago and it has been in and out of the hospital since then. With the help of some pain medication, he is now doing ok – other than not being as energetic as normal, he still functioning well, wanting to go on walks, and eating. We are awaiting results of a biopsy performed last weekend that will hopefully give us some more information in how to proceed.

I’m sure that if he were able, the thing Boone would most want to do go out for a run. And I know he would want you to come along. So if you’re reading this, do Boone a favor and go out for a run within the next couple of days and take him with you!

He and I have been lost on several occasions but we have always made it back.


CCRC Group Runs

The CCRC has two group run options in Salida, which are open to everyone! 

Sundays - 9am, meet at the F Street Bridge for a trail run.

Tuesdays - noon, meet at the Sackett Ave/bike path intersection for an EASY paced road run of 3 miles. This is a no drop run.

A group of runners have also started to meet at 5:30 pm on Thursdays at the Eddyline Pub in BV for an evening run and a beer afterwards. All ages/abilities are welcome.

We would LOVE to host other regular group runs in BV as well - if anyone is interested in leading one, please email

Upcoming Chaffee and Lake County Races!

April 17 - (BV) Tunnels 10 Mile Run and 5K - For more info or to register, visit

May 12 - (BV) Collegiate Peaks 25 and 50 mile races

May 23 - (Salida) Community Track Meet (also 6/27 and 7/18)

June 4 - (Leadville) Turquoise Lake Half Marathon

June 5 - (Leadville) Fish Hatchery 5km

June 16 - 19 - (Salida) FIBArk Running Races

New Running Store Opening Soon in BV

A new store called Oxygen Hog will be opening some time in May, featuring running apparel with unique graphic elements and running accessories. It's retail space and headquarters is located in the newly remodeled building that previously housed Buffalo Joe's rafting at 113 N Railroad in Buena Vista.

CCRC Board of Directors Meeting

All CCRC members are invited to attend the CCRC Board of Directors Meeting on Sunday, February 7 at 2pm at the home of CCRC Board President Kristy Falcon, 1305 F Street in Salida.

If you have anything you would like to discuss, please email us in advance so we can place it on the agenda.

Special BV Sunday Morning Run

On Sunday, February 21 the regular CCRC Sunday Morning Run Group will travel to Buena Vista to meet up with the Colorado Mountain College Leadville trail running club.

We will meet in Buena Vista at the Whipple Trail Bridge/east end of Main St. at 9 a.m.

For those coming from Salida, we will meet at Marvin Park/baseball fields on Hwy 291 at 8:30 a.m. to carpool up.

Time to Renew your Membership!

As always, we encourage any and all runners in the community to become a member of the CCRC. This can be done through the mail or on-line. Registration forms can be found at our website.

Please renew your CCRC membership for 2016 if you have not already done so. For anyone who paid for their membership at the Two Turkey Relay or later in 2015, those dues are good for 2016.

This will be the last newsletter you receive if you do not pay dues for 2016.
Cost of membership is only $10 per person, or $15 per family. Thank you for your support of our efforts to promote running for health, recreation, and competition, for runners of all ages and abilities.

Club Newsletter

The club puts out a newsletter every month and we're always looking for things to add to it. If you have any running news, want to organize a group run, or have pictures or quotes you'd like to contribute, send them to

Salida Mountain Trails

Check out the Salida Mountain Trails blog for more information about volunteering for trailwork, new trails and happenings!

P.O. Box 1441
Salida, CO 81201

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