Chaffee County Running Club

Using the Salida High School Track

Track Use Information

The CCRC feels that it is very important for the public to have access to the best running specific facility in Chaffee County: the Salida High School Track. This is a fantastic facility and great asset to our community and we want to keep it that way.

We worked to ensure that appropriate free access to this facility was available, and then donated $5000.00 to help facilitate this use. We encourage you to read the links below to learn more about the track and how to use it responsibly.

When and how to use the track and proper etiquette
Track Running benefits and basic workouts/ideas

When and how to use the track and proper etiquette

Proper etiquette for use of the track
The new Salida High School Track is a fantastic facility that is available for public use.
Please follow these rules to use it responsibly and safely.

When to use the track.

What is allowed on the track

How to use the facility

On the track


Maintenance and problems

Track Running benefits and basic workouts/ideas"

Here are some ideas about running on a track.

Don’t be intimidated by the bare naked truth that a watch and the measured distances of a track provide.
All runners of all abilities can benefit from and learn to enjoy running on a track.

Benefits to running on a track

Basic track workouts and ideas